MyKasih Programme

A New Generation Welfare Programme & System

  • MyKasih is a welfare distribution programme with a technological difference.
  • Using ePetrol’s payment system, MyKasih provides welfare recipients with the means to shop, select and pay for exactly what they need, and all without any cash changing hands.
  • In effect, welfare recipients use their MyKad as a payment tool at designated retail outlets.
  • The MyKasih Programme can also be used for purchasing daily essential items to payment of school fees, medical bills, uniforms and books.

How does MyKasih work?

Here’s how the MyKasih programme currently works:

  • Government / established welfare agencies identify and select the needy families and give their details to the MyKasih programme
  • Agencies use qualitative and quantitative factors to assess the qualification of the recipients including the number of members in the family, household income, ownership of the assets, etc
  • A monthly allowance is allotted to each recipient family
  • Recipients shop at a participating petrol station convenience store for basic and essential goods such as rice, bread and eggs Payment is made using the recipient’s MyKad
  • ePetrol manages the payments and reconciliations between petrol companies and MyKasih

What differentiates MyKasih from other Welfare Organisations?

Riding on the technology of ePetrol, MyKasih is able to:

  • Provide an efficient solution to ensure the maximum value of the donations reach the targeted group.
  • Work with social welfare groups or agencies to provide financial aid (food and/or cash) directly to the poor and needy.
  • Provide an effective delivery mechanism with audit trails for donations to the poor and needy.
  • Help reduce misuse of the donations (e.g. cash) by the poor and needy e.g. a parent abusing the money for cigarettes, alcohol and gambling.
  • Provide timely expenditure report to Donors and Welfare Organizations.
  • With an efficient delivery mechanism, Welfare Organizations can concentrate their resources on providing education, counseling, emotional and moral support to the poor and needy.

MyKasih Charity Initiative

Visit MyKasih Foundation’s official website.